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Privacy policy

1. Introduction

  • Purpose: This Privacy Policy explains how Airde Elevated thinking collects, uses, and protects customer information.

  • Scope: This policy applies to all personal and operational data collected by Airde Elevated Thinking through our services and website.

2. Data Collection

  • Types of Data Collected: We collect basic personal information such as names, contact details, and payment information, as well as operational data including flight details, service usage, and system interactions.

  • Methods of Collection: Data is collected via our website, during service provision, and through direct interactions with our customers.

3. Use of Data

  • Processing and Analysis: Data is processed for service provision, billing, customer support, and service improvement.

  • Purpose: The primary use of the data is to fulfill our service obligations, enhance user experience, and comply with legal requirements.

4. Data Sharing and Disclosure

  • Internal Sharing: Data is accessed internally on a need-to-know basis.

  • External Sharing: We do not sell your data. Data may be shared with partners or third parties only for essential service provision or legal compliance.

  • Legal Requirements: Data may be disclosed if required by law or in response to legal processes.

5. Data Security

  • Security Measures: We employ industry-standard security measures such as SSL encryption and secure data storage.

  • Data Breach Protocols: In case of a data breach, we will promptly notify affected individuals and take immediate remedial actions.

6. Data Retention and Deletion

  • Retention Periods: Data is retained as long as necessary for service provision or as required by law.

  • Deletion Procedures: Data is securely deleted when no longer needed or upon a customer's request.

7. Rights of Individuals

  • Access to Data: Customers can request access to their personal data held by us.

  • Correction and Deletion: Customers can request correction or deletion of their personal data.

  • Opt-Out Options: Customers can opt-out of non-essential data collection and processing.

8. International Data Transfers

  • Transfer Mechanisms: Data transfers across borders comply with legal standards and data protection regulations.

  • Safeguards: Adequate measures are in place to ensure data protection during international transfers.

9. Policy Updates

  • Changes to Policy: We may update this policy periodically to reflect changes in our practices or legal obligations.

  • Notification: Customers will be notified of significant changes through our website or direct communication.

10. Contact Information

  • Queries and Complaints: For any privacy-related concerns, contact us via the website contact form.

11. Governing Law

  • Jurisdiction: This policy is governed by the laws of New Jersey, U.S.A.


  • Commitment Statement: AIrde Elevated Thinking is committed to protecting the privacy and security of our customers' data. We strive to maintain transparency in our data practices and uphold high standards of data protection.

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