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Discover the Future of Advanced Air Mobility at the Cape-Atlantic Test Range

Cape May County, New Jersey through its relationship with the Urban Low Altitude Transport Association, secured a UAS Test Site under the authority of the University of Alaska – Fairbanks bringing the full benefits of the statutory authorization under law.  Airde manages the test site operations, offering a full suite of risk assessment and management services on behalf of the University through its partnership with the Urban Low Altitude Transport Association.  


The airspace authorized under the UAS Certificate of Authorization (COA), covers an expansive 50nm north-south and 50nm east-west zone extending from the FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center at Atlantic City Airport to the Delaware shoreline, and extends to the DoD Warning Areas W-386 and W-107 offshore. 

This area is centrally located in the Northeast Corridor, and literally in the backyard of the FAA Technical Center. The centerpoint of operations is the Cape May/Wildwood Airport operated by the Delaware River and Bay Authority. The airport offers a suite of services to operators including a "Technology Village" of office/lab space.

The National Aerospace Research and Technology Park (NARTP) also underlies the COA and offers direct connectivity to NAS systems through a dedicated fiber optic connection to the William J. Hughes Technical Center labs.

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